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An investment in Blackstone Technology Holding AG is future-proof and attractive. This is because the technical and ecological development edge of our 3D screen printing technology also provides valid arguments for investors. Blackstone has developed answers to the pressing questions of an increasingly dynamic energy transition.

We can flexibly and precisely define the designs of our batteries for even the most individual requirements. In the process, we also achieve a much higher energy density and can adapt production capacities to any order volume at short notice. In addition, we are reliable, close and networked in an excellent infrastructure.

In China alone, battery demand could soon take up the production capacity of the entire Asian region. But we deliverfrom the heart of Europe: reliable, high-performance battery cells with an optimal cost-benefit ratio and particularly low environmental impact.

We can also seamlessly transfer our current experience in printing lithium-ion battery electrodes to the production of solid-state batteries with sodium ions. This means that the basis for series production of these new types of cells has already been created, with pre-series production planned for 2025.This is where the potential of our development work will continue to unfold, because unlike other industry players, we do not need to purchase new production facilities for the production of these new battery cells. Our screen-printing machinery is already suitable for the production of solid-state batteries.

Blackstone Technology is taking the lead here in working with a German industry and research consortium, which is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection with around 32 million euros. The sodium-ion technology represents the next generation of our 3D-printed batteries. Its chemical system is comparable to lithium-ion cells, but has decisive advantages over them.

First and foremost, it dispenses with lithium in favour of sodium. This raw material is significantly easier and more environmentally friendly to extract, and its availability exceeds that of lithium many times over. In addition, sodium is cheap and the question of fair working conditions during mining, which lithium always has to face, does not apply.

Our technologies already serve the markets of tomorrow today: Ecological, sustainable, safe and powerful. We deliver solutions for the urgent questions of efficient and environmentally friendly energy storage. Our battery technologies guarantee high performance in small installation spaces and adapt flexibly to all geometric requirements.

For further information and dates, please refer to our financial calendar or the literature deposited for you.

Max Macedo

Investor Relations Manager

Serhat Yilmaz

Investor Relations