Our approach

The energy transition is in full swing. However, ambitious climate protection is not possible with the expansion of renewable energies alone. We need to lay the groundwork for sustainable battery technologies that make green power always and abundantly available. To achieve this goal, Blackstone Technology has developed an environmentally friendly and contemporary solution.

There is no better moment for this, because time is pressing and the automotive market is in a state of upheaval. The traffic shift toward electromobility is picking up speed worldwide. At the same time, the demand for stationary and mobile energy storage systems is growing. For these technologies, we urgently need to make progress in terms of material consumption, production effort and ecology. After all, renewable energies are no longer just a question of generation – today they are also, in particular, a question of storage and availability.

For this reason, we at Blackstone have developed an innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly process for manufacturing high-capacity battery solutions. Using a 3D screen printing process developed by us, we produce high-tech battery cells that meet the ecological requirements of contemporary environmental and climate protection. They are a world first.

Today, our 3D screen printing technology is already suitable for the production of solid-state batteries. In terms of energy density, charging speed and safety, these revolutionary battery types will set new standards. With simultaneously increased demands on environmental and climate compatibility. We plan to introduce 3D printed sodium-ion batteries from 2025.

We can thus seamlessly transfer our current experience in printing lithium-ion battery electrodes to the production of solid-state batteries with sodium ions. Thus, the basis for series production of these novel cells has already been created, and pre-series production will begin in a few years.