Our responsibility

Our vision is to enable a sustainable world with clean energy

At Blackstone Technology, we think disruptively and question everything that has gone before. One day, we will manufacture battery cells just like semiconductors. In the future, we will print battery cells with a wide variety of shapes in large quantities quickly and cost-effectively using a single machine park. We use different anode, cathode and electrolyte materials. In the process, we will pollute the environment far less than is still the case in many places with current methods. Battery technologies from Blackstone Technology reduce energy consumption in manufacturing and eliminate the need for toxic solvents. In this way, we also create the basis for a consistent recycling concept. Because this is the only way the energy transition can succeed.

Social responsibility

Blackstone respects and promotes socially responsible interactions with local communities in all locations of our global operations. That’s why we financially support local social projects and are committed to making a positive impact in communities where we work. We recognize that our role in social responsibility extends to all aspects of our operations. This includes health, safety, environment and social responsibility. That’s why we strive to understand and integrate social factors into our decision-making process at all stages of our activities, from exploration and operations to closure and reclamation.

Blackstone has supported and funded communities in Peru, Huarvey. We supported elementary schools by providing computers and books. In addition, we helped build community infrastructure.

Environmental Responsibility

Blackstone Technology’s policies regarding its environmental responsibility are as follows:

  • Our actions should enable future generations to lead healthy and productive lives
  • The careful and efficient use of natural resources is an important part of our philosophy
  • Through research and development, we aim to reduce and, where possible, avoid the use of critical battery materials
  • We demand the expansion of wind power and photovoltaic plants
  • Green electricity must be available always and in abundance