Highly flexible battery shapes

Perfect fit at no extra charge - yet minimal scrap

Our 3D screen printing process enables highly flexible designs for our batteries. This means that there are no limits to the geometry of the end product. In this way, we find the optimal and precisely fitting solution for every customer specification. Blackstone can produce 3D-printed batteries for a wide range of different installation spaces in a flexible and maximally space-efficient manner. From electric vehicles to stationary storage systems and mobile applications. For everyday products from smartphones to cordless screwdrivers, this means free, efficient and haptically optimized housing designs.

In order to avoid additional scrap, conventional battery production is limited to a certain width of coating equipment and thus also of cell shapes. Blackstone’s innovative 3D printing, however, enables flexible coating from the outset. This allows us to produce customized cells at any time, precisely fitting individual customer requirements. Without additional costs.

In addition to the obvious factors such as the length, width and thickness of our cells, we can also flexibly adapt other properties to individual requirements. This includes, for example, the layer thickness and the internal structure.